An Exciting Gift for Mother’s Day

Looking for something new to gift your mom on Mother’s Day to show your appreciation for the rubbish she put up with from you? Well, here’s something new for you to gift your mom– a Bond 9 Swarovski Stars perfume. Bond No. 9 and Swarovski, innovators in the field of perfume and cut crystal, have teamed up to create this perfume line. Found in the best-selling Bryant Park, Bleecker Street, and Nuits de Noho scents. These three attractive 50ml bottles of Bond No. 9 scents sparkle with thousands of Swarovski crystals. The crystals are so tiny that they shimmer and gleam as one.

Bond No. 9 Swarovski Stars Limited-Edition Collectibles will arrive in May, in the Mother’s Day nick-of-time. And this can be used for moms in all categories – from socialite glamorous moms to soccer moms- the Bond No. 9 suits all as there are different fragrances available. The line also offers Swarovski Stars Bon Bons, a chic collection of all three scents (plus Eau de New York) in crystallized 6ml purse-sprays. To cut a long story short, since this is a limited edition – you might want to head out and pick up a scent that suits your mom before they are sold out.