André Leon Talley flaunts his love for fashion on the Tennis court

André Leon Talley, US Vogue’s Editor-at-Large, has shown how important style is to him. A newly released clip from the upcoming movie, The September Issue, shows the style crazy editor playing tennis as Anna Wintour inaugurates him to health. He says, “She (Anna) saves my life in the long term coz she intervened about three years ago that I go to lose weight.” But being the flamboyant guy he is, he made sure he carried his style and fashion to the tennis court. The editor showed his loyalty towards luxury brand Louis Vuitton. He refused to wear Shorts and a T-shirt opting for a Ralph Lauren shirt with a Louis Vuitton towel in tow, a Louis Vuitton cap, a Louis Vuitton case, and a Louis Vuitton tennis case instead. The September Issue releases this august 28th.

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