Are Moncler and Mercedes-Benz collaborating for some really fancy puffer jackets?

Is it fashion? Is it an automobile? It is both! Mercedes and Moncler have joined hands fusing their two unexpected worlds together. The result appears to be a Mercedes-Benz G-Class making a puffed-up Moncler statement. Part of the Moncler Genius initiative launched in 2018 to move the Milan-based fashion house away from the two-season fashion calendar into monthly collections, Mercedes-Benz will reveal the art piece as a partner at Moncler’s “Art of Genius” live show on February 20th. Designed by Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes‑Benz Group AG, the mysterious art piece will undoubtedly be the attention-grabber of the upcoming London Fashion Week.

The reveal will showcase the willingness of both high-end brands to step out of their comfort zones and explore the unforeseen. The social media posts also highlight the same sentiment with a note to ‘expect the unexpected.’ So far, they are teasing our imaginations with unclear shots of black plush dune buggies with inflated puffer tires imprinted with Mercedes-Benz’s logo. In one image, a headlight gleams dazzlingly to reveal an outline of a boxy front bumper. The platform now merges two sets of brand codes together, entering a new phase of co-creation focused on human creative skill and imagination to make something each brand couldn’t achieve on its own,’ shared Moncler.

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“Each co-creator brings their own unique brand of Genius to the potent mix, challenging the boundaries of what’s possible while presenting immersive experiences and performances that represent their creative visions,’ expressed the Italian luxury fashion house. Mercedes took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of what’s to come at the London Fashion Week with a post that read, ‘The Art of Imagination – @mercedesbenz x @moncler are opening new horizons inspired by zero gravity. The Art of Genius. London. 20.02.23.’

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Only a matter of days before the big reveal! Followers commented on the surprising nature of this collaboration while complementing Mercedes for always coming up with new ideas. Several speculated an electric G-Wagon might be on the cards.

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