Are smartshoes the future of fashion? This new high heel is fitted with an e-ink display allowing you to endlessly customize its color and print!

Imelda Marcos had a pair of shoes to match every outfit, and while large shoe collections are not as uncommon these days, the shoe-addicts of today certainly cannot afford Imelda’s enormous walk in closet. Luckily, a Lithuanian start-up called iShüu Technologies have created a pair of high heeled pumps fitted with a flexible electronic ink (e-ink) display in the shoe’s upper that allows it to take on colors or patterns to match any outfit. Though the current Volvorii smart shoe screen is black and white e-paper possible future models might hold color e-paper screens.

The shoe’s color and design can be customized using a smartphone app. A Bluetooth low-energy receiver is located in the hollowed out shoe sole, this allows the smartphone app to communicate with the shoe’s display. A 200 mAh battery means that the shoe can be charged wirelessly. Fastenings on the front and heel allow you to add bows or shoe clips to further customize your favorite shoe.

volvorri-smart-shoes-2You can visit the start-up’s Indiegogo page to learn more about the shoe or support the campaign and buy yourself a pair of these shoes for $249 which is really cheap compared to the market value of tech wearables.

[Indiegogo Via iDigitalTimes]

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