Armani fans can celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary with special edition Le Sac 11 bag

As Armani celebrates 40 years in the fashion industry, the celebrations are not just for the brand. The designer has a special edition ‘Le Sac 11’ bag for its fans for them to celebrate the occasion as well. The bag has not yet been revealed and the Italian designer, Giorgio Armani, plans to do so next month during the Fashion Week at Milan and Paris. So far all we know is that the bag will come in different colors, sizes, and skins; giving customers the choice to choose from among crocodile skin, tanned leather, and calfskin and between a small, medium and large size. The bag will be adorned with precious metal fittings and covered rivets.

The number 11 in Le Sac 11 was to be expected since that is the brand’s lucky number. The story behind it is that the designer was born on 11th July 1934 and 11 also happens to be the street number of the headquarters in Milan, so it seems fitting.

The special edition handbag will retail at Giorgio Armani boutiques from April onwards; but Milan shoppers can pick up the bag from Antonia Boutique starting 1st March while Parisian shoppers can grab them from L’Eclaireur, a luxury concept store, where the bag will be on display 4 days after the Milan launch.

[Via – Luxuo]

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