Armani launches its first-ever beauty advent calendar and we love it

Beauty addicts, makeup lovers are all about to be blown over by what Armani Beauty has created. People who aren’t very big on makeup need to look the other way or get ready to be converted to a makeup junkie. Armani Beauty has announced that it will be inaugurating it’s first-ever beauty advent calendar for 2019. Beauty fans must be curious about what lies behind every little red-and-gold door. The calendar will contain 24 of the brand’s bestselling beauty products across their make-up, skincare and fragrance categories, which means24 days of mini deluxe make-up sizes, as well as fragrance, skincare, pins and a keyring! It’s a wide mixture of Armani goodies with favourites such as Lip Magnet in shade 400, Si Passione & Classico Mascara as well as two full-size products Eyes To Kill Stellar 02 eye shadow and Lip Maestro 400.

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The calendar launches in early October at Selfridge’s for a colossal £249 (aka $300), but no word yet on when it will hit stateside. All said and done I am putting this thing of beauty (pun intended) on my wishlist and publishing it on all social platforms; making gifting easy for all.

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