ARMREVOLUTION Limited Yellow Gold Architecture

A mere fashion accessory like cufflinks is bought under dazzling limelight by Anthony Hayward’s ARMREVOLUTION. He dubs the cufflinks as the Arm Architecture and the latest of it is a pair of exquisite 18-carat yellow gold cufflinks from their launch collection Perpetual Series. Heralding a radical change in men’s luxury accessories, the company has elevated cufflink design and function, to the level of watches and cars, which go through constant innovation. Exclusively hand-crafted and assisted with cutting edge computer design technology, it is engraved with unique identification numbers.

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Each pair grants exclusivity and membership of the “ARMREVOLUTION” movement to its wearer. It comes in the brand’s signature magnetic acrylic box with a design-registered leather carrying case. As only 20 editions are available at for ₤5,000 ($10,000), you need to place your order right away.