Artist uses luxury brand logos on “thoroughly ordinary items” to make a point

By the time my son reaches high school, I will have no idea of whatever he talks about. The English language is changing so much, with so many new words that keep sprouting off late? Logomania – the manic process of brands being plastered everywhere you look. Keeping in line with this current epidemic, artist Ava Nirui decided to “to riff on this idea via a series of thoroughly ordinary items, wryly reimagined with the addition of highly recognizable logos.” And, “So my work, which sees logos being added to valueless, throwaway items, turns that notion on its head and pokes fun at the consumer’s obsession with designer product, [while] challenging the rigid and sterile nature of the fashion industry.”

Luxury logos on everyday objects (2)
Some of the items she has used include a basketball, McDonald’s grub, an asthma inhaler, ribbons for ponytails, popcorn bags, and a series using Champion hoodies. Logomania is now trending in the fashion industry. Recently Vetements made some noise when it collaborated with 18 brands to present an anti-couture couture show, ahead of the Paris Fashion Week in October. While their “luxury iterations of streetwear pieces” go for 15 to 20 times as expensive as the originals (what!!), Nirui’s designs aren’t up for sale.
Luxury logos on everyday objects (1)
Also, before it hit the ramps of Paris, and workshops of contemporary artists, such “iconic fashionable pieces of art” were found on the streets of India, in busy shopping alleys where everything from t-shirts to handbags to stationery cases to phone covers to trouser belts to anything and everything would have branded logos on them. I had a pair of slippers that had Skype and Twitter logos all over it. Very blue, but very comfortable. Broke, sadly.

[ Via : Refinery29 ]