Asia’s answer to Net-a-porter: Corinne Ng’s

Bangkok is regarded by many by a place that brings high- fashion to streets. But that doesn’t mean that the Asian belt hasn’t produced world class designers and labels. However, there wasn’t a way to reach the world platform virtually. But one Singapore-based website called, is going to change that, even become the NET-A-PORTER for this part of the world, one which “exclusively stocks designers based in Asia”.

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Director and founder Corinne Ng who has worked 12 years in the fashion magazine industry, with impressive names like ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, Cleo and style in her résumé. She is also currently the group editor for several MediaCorp magazines. Together with her husband and co-director Damien Low, in 8 months the duo convinced 17 designers to come on board.
The site went live on March 1, this year. Noted names on the site include Thai brand Nsha Atelier, Indonesian jewelry label Jewel Rocks, Apercu, Singaporean Vicky Tay’s Burgundy and Mercedes-Benz STYLO Designer of the Year 2010 Khoon Hooi from Malaysia. The site has products ranging between $50 and $1,400 keeping the average price point at $500.

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