At $4.6 million this is the worlds most expensive denim jacket – It has 2.1 kgs of pure gold and 129 carats of diamonds

For the casual gentleman seeking a style statement, a denim jacket is usually just the thing to add a little touch of rugged elegance to an outfit. But the humble denim jacket has been given quite the luxury makeover by UK based designers Karl Mathers and Stuart Hughes. Hughes is well known for his luxurious tech accessories which are available under his eponymous brand; meanwhile Mathers puts the swag in Lord Swagger, his contemporary clothing brand with plenty of rock n’ roll flavor.

Together the two designers have created “Infinity” – the world’s most expensive jacket commissioned for purchase for the princely sum of £3.5 million (approx. US$4,601,482 at current exchange). This denim jacket boasts a 2.1 Kilograms of 24ct Solid Gold embellishments. Furthermore the designers added platinum details and a whopping 129 ct of Flawless Diamonds.

This custom piece was created for an anonymous musician and took three months to complete, but we’re glad that this larger than life jacket will be on the shoulders of an artist who reflects its spirit and style. With all that gold and diamond embellishment, we hope he has a bodyguard!

Would you wear this dramatic rocker jacket?

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