Lamborghini Collection Fall Winter 2012 unveiled

Last year, Lamborghini had launched the carbon fiber bag collection which was minimalistic, yet stylish. This year, Lamborghini has collaborated with an Italian company O-Range to launch the Collection Automobili Lamborghini for Fall Winter 2012/13. The collection that includes a backpack, duffel bag, the messenger, the door and the door smartphone tablet, is made from layers of waterproof neoprene lamination that is tested for strength and durability in extreme conditions. The accessories in the collection are a new key ring and a bracelet leather multi spin in three model variants- smooth two laps, two laps and braided with three laps.

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The distinctive feature of the collection is that the individual pieces are made from the leather that is used for the interior of the Lamborghini cars. Even the choice of colors is very ‘sedan-ish’- Black, Natural Leather, Rosso Centaurus, Phoenix Grey, Blue and Green Scylla Ulysses.