Baby Quasar for beautiful and flawless skin

In today’s fast-paced world, women hardly get enough time to rejuvenate and take adequate care of their skin and health. Forget a beauty regimen; they can’t even keep up with their regular appointments at the beauty salon. Keeping in mind this class of harried and busy women, Baby Quasar has been launched to treat women’s beauty related woes at their very homes. This at-home “photo rejuvenation anti-aging and acne skincare system” – i.e., light therapy device promises flawless and beautiful looking skin for all its users. It is the first professional-grade light therapy device made available to home users and the only one on the market today that uses four wavelengths of natural light to help reverse the signs of aging, shrink enlarged pores, and rid skin of any possible breakouts. The small gadget uses red and infrared light as part of “SequePulse” Technology and is a recommended product by various leading sources from the dermatology field. While any face lotion apparently works with the Baby Quasar, Pure Silk serum, appropriate for all skin types, is what the company recommends. A small sample is included with each Baby Quasar, with full bottles available for $60. Quasar Light Therapy also offers a full-body Capsule that can be found in spas and in the homes of luxe-lifers who can swing the $25,000 price tag. But for those with a less lavish lifestyle, the Baby Qasar is definitely a great buy.

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This lightweight and easy to use product is available at select stores including Dillard’s department stores for a price of $450. So go ahead and treat your skin to some light therapy!

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