Baccarat opens boutique lounge – Bbar in Milan’s Via Monte Napoleone

Baccarat is mostly known for its premium art of crystal making however the marquee has successfully ventured into related zones in the past few years. For instance, it opened the uber-plush Baccarat bar & lounge at the eponymous hotel in New York, a move that it is now following into with grand inauguration of the Bbar lounge in Milan.

Created like a luxury concept, the exclusive new bar is located within the beautiful lanes of Via Monte Napoleone and is designed to serve as an ultimate lounging pad for guests who wish to wander around the arcade on evenings. While details on its menu and offerings are currently limited, if the Bbar is anything like its counterpart in New York, it is sure to amaze guests with the best in gastronomy. The place will also present unmatched interiors decorated with some of the most precious Baccarat crystal designs. With a muted color scheme and simple furnishings, the décor will offer unlimited vistas for guests to unwind at and feel at ease.

The Bbar in Milan will also officially introduce Baccarat’s first home collection to the open public. A smooth extension to the brand’s fine crystal art and designs, the new ensemble will feature several options ranging from chairs, tables and luxe cabinets. Created in partnership with Luxury Living Group, Baccarat’s debut home collection will also be showcased at the 2019 Salone del Mobile in Milan. That’s probably what is on a roll feels like!


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