Balenciaga apes Ikea’s 99 cent tote bag for a whopping $2,145

While we have often heard of local and practical utility brands drawing inspiration from celebrated labels for designs, hardly ever have we come across the happening of a reversed scenario. However, early last week, high-end fashion label Balenciaga surprised us all by introducing a replica of Ikea’s $0.99 Frakta take-home bag and that too for a ludicrously heavy price tag!

The copycat version of the blue tote is priced at a whopping $2,145, causing it to be the butt of jokes on the internet for all the right reasons. With the introduction of this semi-plagiarized version of the bag, Balenciaga has certainly made us re-think our take on fashion, compelling many to even call it quits. The subsequent upheaval on Twitter included lash outs on the lines of – “Balenciaga makes a $2000 bag that’s an “homage” to the IKEA shopping bag and I’m like fashion you’re crazy but I can’t quit you” and “HAHAHAHAHA Balenciaga Is Selling the Ikea Tote for $2,145”, to name a few.

While Ikea seems to have otherwise taken this well, it has responded to Balenciaga’s goof-up with a “How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag” post on its sites. As for the Ikea tote, it can be ruffled, shaken, throw around in dirt and used to carry hockey gear, bricks and even water – all for a humble price of $0.99! Wonder if any of us would then fancy spending $ 2,145 for the Balenciaga version that serves, if nothing less, the exact same purpose as our affordable Ikea!


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