Balmain’s motorcycle jeans for a whopping $1,514

I wonder how far the fashion world is responsible for the recession. The pressure of following trends along with exorbitant price tags has led to less saving and more spending. And if you still refuse to agree with this analysis, have a look at this famous designer pair of ‘motorcycle jeans’ that sets the average man back by £1,060($1514). No, they are not made from gold or some priceless material. Still, the French Fashion house, Balmain, who created these motorcycle jeans, attributes their price to the level of artistry that has gone into their construction. I really wonder how jeans that are ripped at the knee can be called a piece of work. Anyway, other than the ripped version, the jeans also come in a no rip version and truly harness the spirit of motorcycle leathers with piping detail above the knees and back. Bold metal zips on the pockets and at the ankles of their skinny legs. But that’s it, nothing more or less. The jeans definitely are great, but the price tag isn’t.

These designer pairs have already caused quite a stir in the fashion world. Now I ask you again, is fashion responsible for a recession or not?

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