Bandage for the Heart made of precious metals

I have come across Swarovski studded bandages as well as tattooed ones too that are meant to heal physical wounds. But this one, I wasn’t aware of at all. The Bandage for the Heart is for folks who seek serious bling plus those who want to communicate their state of healing too. Designed by artist Alysia Dee Kraus, don’t think you can place it on your bruise as they are strictly not for medicinal purposes. Truly speaking they are symbolic patches for past pain. So let the world know that you are a blinged fighter by wearing this. It can be given as a “medal of honor”, to those who have made it through hand times, or to the heroes among us, who helped to guide them through.

Depends on the density of your wallet, you can opt for the sterling silver or the 18 karat gold ones. Price ranges between $250 – $1300.
Tattoed one –
Studded one –