Batman’s Belstaff jacket is the thing to own

Yes, it is true the Dark Knight is the best super hero movie to date and everything in it owns the rest of the world, be it the real world or comic book universe. Did you notice how awe inspiring the sets and gadgets were? Of course, Heath Ledger stole the show, but come on, Batman was at his best too. Being a girl, I can tell you one thing that if I saw Bruce Wayne’s jacket on anyone in real life, I’d totally flip out over that person and I’m sure I’m not the only girl who thinks so. So, why wait to buy the Belstaff leather blouson jacket which retails for $1,250? If not to be a chick magnet, get it because you think Bruce Wayne is just that uber cool. Even if it wasn’t for Batman, this leather jacket is smoking hot. If you want to get one for yourself, Barneys is the place. Go be a true fan and buy Batman’s Belstaff leather jacket. Totally worth it.

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