Be dazzled by the world’s most expensive diamond dress worth $30 million

Faisal Abdullah from Malaysia is designing the world’s most expensive dress. This is going to be a unique dress with 751 diamonds gracing it from Middle Eastern jeweler Mouawad. At $30 million, this is by far the most expensive piece of clothing. This silk and taffeta evening gown is called the “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur.” It is adorned with a beautiful central 70-carat pear-shaped diamond that will debut in time for next month’s STYLO Fashion festival. “Stocks drop, gold is even falling, but a diamond is forever. This is a dress with diamonds. Why go backward? Why can’t we go forwards? We are going to the fantastic, but it’s real. You are getting value for money with these diamonds,” states Abdullah. The gorgeous dress presented to royal courts worldwide is what Nancy Yeoh, chief executive of STYLO, says. We are sure that even though there is such a credit crunch case going around, people will want to invest in a dress full of diamonds.

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