Best luxury leather briefcases for work: the ultimate guide of Harber London

The digital era has changed the way we use briefcases. It’s ironic, because the classic, leather briefcase aesthetic is still a staple of the businessmans’ attire. Why? Because tradition, appearance and durability take precedence, and premium material will always be on-trend. But this doesn’t mean things aren’t changing.

What Harber London has encompassed is spearheading modern adaptation to classic luxury attire and accessories. On the outside, their briefcases look extremely minimal and vintage — beautifully tanned Full Grain Vegetable leather — rectangle as though it’s designed for papers, and with a simple handle.

But a quick look inside and it’s like Pandora’s box. Our move away from paper and towards technology has been embraced by Harber London, with an extremely functional and organised inside. Let’s take a look at what their laptop briefcase can hold:

14” laptop, with a cover
16” laptop, with a cover
Smartphone pocket
2 inner magnetic pouches (that can be removed) for chargers
Pen holders
Pockets for A4 – A6 notebooks
Zip pocket for an e-reader or notebook
Pocket for passport
Key/cord holders
Card holders
SD cards

As you can see, it carries just about everything. The amount of well-organized storage actually makes this briefcase more than a working man’s bag, but also a highly useful travel bag. There’s even more functionality on the work briefcase product, which includes a separate, smaller pouch externally that can carry small devices and everyday carry such as cards, money, pens, chargers, phones and notebooks/tablets.

Another great touch on the Harber London laptop briefcase is it’s ease-of-carry. Despite the classic handle, the briefcase comes with a strap should you want to carry it over your shoulder — again, a modern adaptation. This is particularly useful for those that cycle and do not have a basket. Secondly, there is an extra piece of leather on the back of the case that can be used to slide a suitcase handle through, so your briefcase can rest on top without falling off.

Harber London Craftsmanship:
There are some modern laptop cases that have such modern functionality, sure. But the reason this briefcase is so exciting is because they’re incredibly well handcrafted in the most elegant of styles.

The leather used on all of Harber London’s goods is vegetable tanned leather. Such leather is rich in character and ages beautifully. It’s firm enough to hold shape and to be functional, but soft enough to break-in nicely. The process of tanning the leather can take up to 6 weeks and it leaves you with not only a luxury, old school aesthetic, but that authentic leather smell.

Being handcrafted, the briefcases available are all unique. Not one will be exactly the same. There may be some natural marks that are a statement of quality, and the stitching is to perfection.

The Backstory:
Harber London is a family run business in London. Having a passion for handmade leather goods, Harber London was born in 2012. The initial idea of producing these goods were down to a failed shopping trip for a top-quality laptop sleeve — but the idea was bigger than this. Eventually, a premium brand was born. With this grand vision, there are well over 70 products that all ooze the same, consistent class.

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