BMW’s I Collection includes sustainable created clothing and accessories

Usually in the news for their cars, BMW is now making headlines for their new sustainable i Collection. Created as an extension of their electric i model cars, the collection contains apparel, accessories and even some interesting tech that draws design inspiration from the i cars. We’ve picked some of our favorite items from this collection below:

201503-P90178246-zoom-origBMW i Hooded Jacket: 89 euros ($100)

Made from organic cotton and recycled materials, the jacket makes a sporty statement with its blue and grey color combination and design detailing inspired by the BMW i8. The unisex jacket a neat pick for a day of sports or relaxation.

201503-P90178250-zoom-origBMW i Bluetooth Speaker: 79 euros ($89)

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these speakers have a six hour battery life and are highly portable thanks to their grey carrying case. The use of grey and blue colors keeps the design young and contemporary.

201505-P90181725-zoom-orig (1)BMW i Solar Charger: 39.90 euros ($45)

This cool and hassle free charger can be charged in sunlight or artificial light (12 – 15 hours) or via USB cable (2 – 3 hours). It comes with sockets compatible with Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and Nokia products for easy recharging of mobile phones and other devices on the go.

201503-P90178249-zoom-origBMW i Desktop Organizer: 69 euros ($78)

Coated with high-grade stainless steel, this organizer makes a cool gift for anyone who likes their work-desk looking smart. A rubber base protects your desk from scratches while its felt lined compartments conveniently house your pens, pencils and other knick-knacks.

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