Bond No.9 London Celebration marks Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

In an ideal perfume world, Bond No.9 is its own, local celebrity! Taking both the product and the designs a notch higher, after dowsing yourself in a lush fragrance, it’s often the bottles you are after! Following the heels of the stunning swarovski studded line that Bond no.9 introduced for Christmas and the magnificent chandelier amphora with its cascading mass of unending crystals, it’s time to bring in even more distinctiveness in its history- Exclusive to Harrod’s, Bond No. 9 will now celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee with its debutante ‘London Celebration’ that comes bottled in a chic illustrated flacon depicting the scenery around Buckingham palace. A perfect keepsake to remember the special occasion?

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A floral concoction at its best with lantana leaves, dry dates and mace serving as its top notes, orange rose, tuberose and orris as its mid notes and notes of amber, musk and sandalwood as its base, London Celebration is up for grabs at approximately $450 ( £290).