Bond No.9 signature perfume to commemorate 10th anniversary of its US flagship store

Bond No. 9 has always mesmerized our senses with its unique fragrances. To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of their flagship store in the US, Bond No. 9 is all set to unveil a signature scent, Bond No. 9 Perfume Oud, not for a New York neighborhood, but the NoHo address. The anniversary special perfume will make its debut in November. A seductive scent has been rendered as a 30% concentration pure perfume. The sensual aroma arises from a mix of east and west ingredients. At the top, there is sultry oud. Playing up against it is rose that provides sweetness. Tonka beans from South America form the heart, while musk, from the Asian musk deer, further underscores oud’s carnal nature. The scintillating fragrance is housed in a magical gold laser-etched Bond No. 9 Perfume bottle. Sure to tantalize you with its powerful scent, this special fragrance is definitely a class apart.

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