Bond No 9 Chandelier Amphora dazzles up for Christmas

Bond No 9 New York is well-known to come up with some of the most scintillating fragrance bottles in its 11 years of existence. After Swarovski crystals, for this festive season the brand has launched a unique a brilliant chandelier-inspired bottle. The Chandelier Amphora features a bottle decked with faceted, chandelier-sized beads. The company apparently formed this idea thanks to the billion chandeliers strewn across the city to celebrate the festive holidays. If you are still running around the streets looking for an exclusive and unique gift idea for that loved one, this little wonder can melt hearts.

The Chandelier Amphora fragrance bottle is a very attractive gift and at $2,500 a sure shot of winning that heart. It’s Christmas time, and what brings more joy than seeing the one you love to drop a tear of happiness and the eyes sparkling up like chandelier crystals!
[Bond no.9]

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