Bond No 9 unveils Swarovski-studded perfume range for this Christmas

With the holiday season coming up and people foraging about for gift ideas, Bond No 9 comes as a saving grace with a range of limited-edition collection. Taking the chunk of the limelight is the Scent of Peace perfume described as a male/female mélange of black currant, lavender, and lily of the valley’ and comes in different styles and shapes. The Fantasy-Stone Fountain of Peace features a 42-ounce spigoted amphora vitrine and a graceful curvaceous exterior glistening with Swarovski crystals. At a whopping $7,500, this gift will definitely prove memorable. The Incandescent Shooting Super Star is a pumped-up classic Bond No. 9 superstar bottle with Swarovski fancy-crystals. This bottle costs $1,000.

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