Bottega Veneta Horn Evergreen Sunglasses: Retro chic eye gear

Over the years, sunglasses have achieved a glam, style symbol status. These accessories that helped style many celebs are a hot favorite with fashionistas across the globe. And if you are a follower of the current trends in the fashion world, you will know that retro styles are in vogue. So helping you flaunt that retro-chic look through stylish eye gear is Bottega Veneta, who has created the exquisite Horn Evergreen Sunglasses Bv 105/S. The slight cat-eye top frame and dark shaded lens will definitely turn you into a showstopper. The Natural horn ensures the retro style is kept alive. The price of these retro sunglasses will surely get you back to the current year. Yes, a pricey pair of these retro-style sunglasses are priced at $2,195.

The neat pair of sunglasses is currently out of stock. But you can visit here to check if they have a new stock.

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