Bottega Veneta Cocco Nature Duo Bag is very roomy

Bottega Veneta’s Cocco Nature Duo Bag is all about glamour. If you think you want to own that glamour, its going to cost you a fortune of about $16,950. The high cost can mean only one thing and that is this handbag is made from crocodile leather. The finish of this leather is glossy, the result of which lends a shine to it. This bag is designed to look like two separate bags put together. It is made with two-round edged envelopes joined ending with a center pocket. This clever design allows the handbag to have three compartments which are large and spacious. Both the envelopes are fitted with reinforced grommets with adjustable chain handle that run through it to secure the middle pocket. Measuring around 12.2″ Wx 7.5″Hx 1.6″D, it is lined completely with suede.
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