Brioni brings macho to luxury fashion with an intriguing Metallica shoot campaign

When you think of men’s fashion luxury, there is little room for shaggy hair, distorted guitar notes flying around, and of course, a guy named Lars. But that isn’t what is. That’s what used to be. Brands are stepping up to be bolder and make fashion statements that resonate a personality rather than magnify how intricately they get their cuts right.

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Italian fashion house Brioni has this obvious path and is treading on it rather well. With the introduction of new Creative Director, Justin O’Shea on board, things were bound to take a turn for the modern, dapper fashion-conscious gentleman who doesn’t mind crease or an unbuttoning if it fits his bill. Photographer Zackery Michael and O’Shea came together to create a unique new campaign for the brand ahead of the July 4th Paris Couture Week. They got on-board heavy metal outfit Metallica to do a photo-gig with them and to some extent, it went the Queen-way. The black and white photoshoot required the Thrash Metal band to suit up and have themselves snapped in black and white tuxedos. These images were generously plastered with a large Brioni font across its face, nearly resembling some futuristic post-rock album art.
The results are stunning even for haters of the band (read: Megadeth-heads). The musicians infuse unforetold masculinity into the brand and the monochrome does serve the right amount of finesse to the capture.

[ Via : Metallica ]