Bugaboo enters luggage market with the limited edition $1,500 Bugaboo Boxer

We love to travel because we love to explore. As citizens of the world, the forefathers of our evolution predominantly consisted of philosophers and travelers (discoverers). Dutch baby-stroller superstar Bugaboo has announced another revolutionary idea that they hope will elevate and enhance traveling. They have launched the Bugaboo Boxer, which is “a modular system of cases that can be easily interlocked and sold as a four-wheeled chassis, to which users can add a suitcase, cabin case or laptop bag in their preferred configuration”. This invention will make traveling with bags and baggage a smooth sail through airport and crowd. The basic anatomy consists of a chassis (luggage cart) which were the bulk of this product’s fancy lies. The cart has a mechanism to allow a glossy polycarbonate bag to be clasped on to it, which will in turn have a clasp to attach a smaller box of similar material to it. Also, unlike the typical luggage we carry, this one can be pushed, not pulled.

the company plans to focus on the cart, rather than the suitcases because that is where the engineering intelligence will rest. Bugaboo is no stranger to brilliance, vouched by millions of mums worldwide, and so the core will remain a trademark. The bags, the company says, could get partners who can add some color, style, and design to the luggage. We love Bugaboo, but we have to admit they are no great fans of color and prints. This kind of openness to inviting other brands to support them shows their commitment to offering people what they are looking for. It will be available in black, white, and red and currently will have Travel, Cabin, and Laptop ranges.
Reviews have great things to say about this revolutionary product, with a few points of criticism; but the general impression seems like this will grow on to travelers like wild ivy.

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Unsurprisingly, this beauty doesn’t come cheap. At $1,500, they mean business. Logic says this price is well worth the technical intelligence, but reasoning will argue the high price, perhaps more than their entire trip, is a turn off for a product that will be tossed about at airports around the world by bag handlers.

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Whatever be the price or fate, we say aye for this style.

[ Via : Dezeen ]

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