Bulgari collaborates with Oxford university to fight COVID- 19

Renowned fashion brand Bulgari is known for its philanthropic initiatives. And in contributing to one such enterprise, the marquee has recently partnered with Oxford University to fight against the ongoing pandemic. It will be offering scholarships to medical students along with grants and will also be donating a cytometer to further the vaccine development process at the Institute.

In addition to financing the studies of some of the world’s most talented researchers engaged in the field, Bulgari will also donate scientific equipment to help the Oxford Jenner Group speed up vaccine development for COVID-19. The brand’s scholarship will be extended to two students at the postgraduate level, within the vaccine development group and will be cover tuition fees, the cost of IT support, laboratory products, and a maintenance grant.

Commenting on it, Jean-Christophe Babin, President, and CEO of Bulgari said, ‘Over the past few months, we have witnessed the shocking and detrimental effects of COVID-19 on every aspect of our society throughout the world. We can never let this happen again. Bulgari vows not only to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 but also to work with the global leaders in Medical Sciences at Oxford University, to nurture the most talented minds of tomorrow. I am honored and proud to have the opportunity to support Oxford in this common goal of eradicating viruses and stopping future pandemics in their tracks.’

Earlier in the year, Bulgari had donated a state-of-the-art 3D high-definition microscope to the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. In March, the brand had also converted its fragrance production center for the sole manufacture of medical-grade hand sanitizers, in a bid to fight the deadly disease.

[Via – Tatler]

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