Bulletproof Trotter’s Bullet Proof Suitcase

Globe-Trotter for some reason hasn’t had much to do and idle hands are best used to bring out some wacky innovations. So here we have something that won’t really get you all excited but will surely make you wonder… why? Globe-Trotter has been around since 1897 and to commemorate their 110th anniversary they have come out with a bullet proof suitcase. It looks elegant and classy enough to live up to the name of the brand that has had personalities like Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill to vouch for its brilliance. But then one question leaves me thinking. What will you protect with these? Branded underwear?

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The bullet proof suitcase is designed by Ross Lovegrove who claims that the suitcase is the lightest of its kind. It will make its debut at the New Your Fashion week.