Burberry teams with Dreamworks animation for a unique interactive campaign

Burberry may have that quaint British touch to its style, but they are way ahead of times than most other high end fashion brands. They are digitally fashionable, history has shown. The latest is a fun campaign for the holiday season, in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation’s new tech company Nova. So when you are on your way to purchase a gift for a loved one this Christmas, you have the option, if lucky, to gift them with a monogrammed Burberry scarf.

From next week until the end of the year, every day, 24/7, you will be able to personalise and play with computer-generated scarves on a big curved screen in London’s Piccadilly Circus. So you get to scan through the Burberry scarves on your phone, monogram your favourite one and then stand back and see it fly around on the screen, directed by the motion of your phone. Swag, ain’t it!

The ad has Britain’s most famous star kid after Princess Charlotte, Romeo Beckham.

[ Via : Wwd ]

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