Burberry introduces $295 bracelet accessory, a collectible for every wardrobe

Burberry added a collector’s item to their universal must-haves. The pom-pom bracelet joins the trench coat, leather jacket, poncho and other items that have been a part of Burberry’s signature style. The bracelet is a gold band with attached pom-poms that come in different colors and different styles of pom-poms – a tassel bunch or a fluffy ball. The bracelet, introduced as part of the Fall 2015 collection, will retail for just $295 which is remarkably low than their standard price for accessories. This accessory can be teamed with any kind of outfit, which is probably what the British luxury brand thought of when they created the single-colored, simplistic design.

Burberry is still on experimental basis with jewelry and has introduced only a few pieces to their fashion line over the last couple of years. Maybe with the success of this bracelet, we hope that they would be motivated to delve further into fashionable jewelry.

[Via – Refinery29]

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