Burberry Haymarket Metal Stitches Tote…subtle and simple!

Just in case you have been looking for a tote that would match every dress in your wardrobe then your search ends right here. Burberry Haymarket Metal Stitches Tote is a simple bag with a sort of complicated name. Who cares? It looks killer with the conspicuous leather trim and stunning buckle details. The Burberry Haymarket Metal Stitches Tote is very apt for ladies who prefer subtle and classy over trendy and chic. It is easy to carry around with Double top handles, and also has a detachable shoulder strap.

The Burberry Haymarket Tote is just perfect with a size that isn’t too big or small at 18″W X 14½”H X 7″D but most definitely expensive for $1,695.00. Everything was perfect till the price came up!

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