Burberry Python Beaton handbag

If you think snakes and reptiles are eerie and send a chill down your spine then hold your breath cause a chill is definitely gonna pass through you along with a couple of skipped heartbeats cause you are gonna ogle this very sassy and super sexy Burberry bag. You can bet your life that this is gonna be the envy of every girl in the party that you flaunt it at and why not when the Beaton bag in python leather with polished nickel hardware and trim is just the thing any girl would die for (and men think it is them we could die for, probably this will give them a reality check). Its size is 18″ w x 12″ h x 7″ d with a 9″ drop from the center of handles to the top of the bag…we know how much size matters for us gals!

It is made to such finesse in Italy and is available in the sensuous python skin color ochre, for $5040.00. you have to give some to get some but when you give just $5040.00 you get a whole lot of glances, praises, and compliments which you deserve when you carry a PYTHON BEATON.

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