Burberry’s life-sized hot air balloon graces London’s Heathrow Airport

If you happen to be visiting London this summer, don’t be absolutely bewildered to discover a gigantic hot air balloon in Heathrow’s departure lounge. An intriguing concept by British fashion house Burberry, The Burberry Balloon has been conceptualised to commemorate Edward Maitland, who travelled 1,117 miles with fellow balloonists Auguste Gaudron and Charles Turner, from Crystal Palace in London to Russia in 1908, and established the British long-distance record.

Projected above their novel pop-up store, the installation entails dedicated iPads and Burberry post boxes, enabling commuters to curate and print their very own Burberry postcards. Why use the run-of-the-mill postcard selection, when Burberry is in fashion? Cards can be customised with a passenger’s name and travel destination, and feature illustrations. We loved how animated videos of the Burberry Balloon and its journey from Heathrow to the chosen destination can be shared on the user’s social media account.

The new-fangled conception will be at Heathrow from May 4 to August 7, 2017, and we’re eager to unearth its next haven (which currently is classified information)!

Chris Annetts, retail and service director, London Heathrow, said, “We are delighted to be working with Burberry on this exciting installation. The balloon will truly wow our passengers and immerse them in the magic of flying even before they reach their destination. With personalised postcards and the most exclusive products, the Burberry Balloon will be a memorable experience long after our passengers arrive home.”


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