But why? An Indian jewelry store is selling diamond-studded face masks for $2,000

Luxury in the times of COVID-19 may be a farfetched for most. However, it certainly doesn’t seem so for a tiny cluster of Indians who are now glamming up their social distancing routines with bejeweled masks! Yes, that’s right!

Banking upon the nation’s love for jewelry, a store owner in the city of Surat in India is now selling gold and diamond-studded masks worth anywhere between $ 1987 – $6,625 (Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh). The idea struck the owner – Dipak Choksi after a customer visited him and demanded unique masks for the bride and groom at an upcoming wedding.

Gauging the demand for the protective wear as an accessory, Choksi got cracking on the idea and is today selling a range of enamored masks. Commenting on it, he said, “After the lockdown was lifted, a customer had sought unique masks for a bride and groom from us. So, we assigned our designers to create special ornate masks that the customer purchased later. Thereafter, we made several more of those masks, with the hope that more people will come looking for exquisite bridal masks in the days to come.”

Choksi claims to make both pure diamond and American diamond masks on-demand and assures that the material used to make the accessory abides by the standards set by the government to prevent the spread of the virus. The store also ensures customers that they can take out the gems used in the making of the masks to make other pieces of jewelry once the pandemic ends. Well, the lockdown sure got luxe for some!

[Via: Hindustan Times]

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