Can robotic jewellery develop into an actual high fashion concept?

In an interesting yet creepy collaboration between fashion and technology, MIT & Stanford have revealed a new concept of robots. This technological advancement indicates robots could literally use magnets and crawl over the surface of your clothing. From simply a technological concept, it has now trended up and could develop into a high fashion concept.

Serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, the nano robots now embed within them an array of colorful shields. For example, visualise robots moving about your couture outfit as “shape changing jewelry,” as its wheels leaving marks across velvet in what Project Kino calls “etching,” and a brooch moving up a garment to become a microphone.

“We’re thinking of wearables as a personal assistant. We think in the future, when they can have a brain of their own, they can learn your habits, learn your professional style, and when they get smaller, they can blend into the things you wear,” Project Kino team member Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao said in an interview with TechCrunch.

Granted, their current size is certainly an obstacle for you and me and most of their applications are ornamental but I believe this could really grab some attention on the runway. Although the mere thought of is spine-tingling.


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