We can’t look away from Louboutin’s fabulous footwear for Halpern

Halpern’s Fall 2018 show at London fashion week was a much needed break from reality. The collection was electric, filled with a mishmash of sequins, metallic and prints that were as daring as clothes are these days. It’s no surprise that Halpern enlisted Christian Louboutin to create the shoes for this collection. The French footwear designer is famous for his shoes that often lean towards the wild side.

For Halpern, he dipped into a palette of prints and colors that matched the fabrics used in the collection to create sequined high boots with block heels and more than enough attitude. Prints ranged from the wild to the psychedelic with no shortage of creativity and while they were exciting enough on the runway, we can’t wait to see them on the streets.

Halpern’s collection was inspired by seasoned socialite and sartorial rule breaker Nan Kemper, and her influence is clear in the three footwear styles that Louboutin created. Mules, which feel particularly trendy at the moment, especially when dressed in animal print sequins; irreverent ankle boots which are perennially stylish but made flashy and interesting through the disco inspired fabrics; and of course the tall boots dripping with shine and just waiting to be photographed in a street style editorial. We’ll be waiting to see what other collaborations are in store for the eternally creative Louboutin.

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