Carla Bruni models for Bulgari Diva Collection

Carla Bruni has found her way back to modeling. Until now, we had only heard that the former first lady of France had agreed to model for Bulgari. Finally, the model-turned singer has completed her first shoot for Bulgari’s high jewelry Diva collection campaign, which has been shot by Terry Richardson. This campaign marks the model’s first successful attempt at modeling for a jewelry brand, and Carla seems to be high-on spirits after the assignment. She confesses that it was her love for jewelry and respect for the Rome-based brand that convinced her to return to modeling.

As a child Carla used to adore the gemmed bracelets her aunt adorned. She says, “I loved that bracelet. I loved its joy, its fantasy – I dreamed of one day possessing such a wonder of my own! I was told that, like me, it came from Italy to Paris. Perhaps that was part of why I loved it, too.” Its this magic and fantasy that we see coming alive on-screen.

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[Via – Vogue]