Cathay Pacific collaborates with Net-A- Porter and Mr Porter to offer inflight luxury shopping

Online shopping climbs new heights, literally! With Cathay Pacific’s recent collaboration with luxury providers Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter, passengers onboard can enjoy an exclusive online shopping experience while flying mid-air. This marks a debut of never seen before inflight ecommerce services.

Not all Cathay Pacific passengers can get a share of this extraordinary experience as the airline will offer these services only on its A350 aircraft. The airlines’ tie up with the two platforms will open up an array of merchandises for its passengers covering over 1000 top fashion brands and more than 36000 products including sportswear, jewelry, watches and cosmetics. Determined to deliver the best even 10000 meters above the ground, the shopping experience will be inclusive of deluxe packaging where shoppers can also avail customer support in case of any mid-air shopping contingencies. For fashion fixes and on the go shopping advice, the passengers can glance through The Edit and The Journal (the sites’ magazines with a focus on men’s and women’s style) which will also be made part of the entire experience.
While the shopping and consequent finger flexing is taken care of, the delivery bit is also fairly sorted as the purchases will be delivered right at your hotel or your destination on landing. If you’re travel destination happens to be London or Manhattan, you’re in for extra luck as you will be promised a same day delivery (Net-A-Porter covers this for Hong Kong as well). For the first seven months, the passengers can make free use of the services as it will be covered by a complimentary Wi-Fi access. Next time you run out of shopping time before the trip, hop on an A350 and it will assure you the rest!

[ Via : Lifestyleasia ]

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