Even money can’t get you a second one – Chanel has limited the purchase of its most popular handbags to one per customer each year

‘Real is rare, and rare is real’ – going by this ethos (in a bid to maintain exclusivity) is Chanel. The popular fashion house has recently changed its sale policy for its most popular handbags, the “Classic Flap Bag” and the “Coco Handle,” to limit their purchase.

As per the revelation, each customer will only be allowed to purchase one of each of the handbags per year. Another similar policy also expected to be put in place will limit consumers from purchasing no more than two of the same products (from their small leather goods range) per year.

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Commenting on it, a fashion publication stated, “Although Chanel has already raised the prices of its most popular products three times this year. Their bags are still a hot commodity among luxury shoppers. Many consumers around the world queue early in the morning to make sure they have a chance to shop.”

Chanel has also increased the prices of its handbags several times amid the pandemic, and not all of it can be attributed to the increased costs of raw materials and shipping. The move is in fact said to be strategized to control its distribution.

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And it isn’t just the French house that’s rolling up the gimmicks. Over the years, several other luxury brands such as Hermes have also limited the number of bags that customers can buy, thereby restricting the resellers’ access to stock. Well, whether Chanel’s move works for fashion connoisseurs or not is for time to tell!

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