Chanel has made a $1500 boomerang and the Australians are not liking it for all the right reasons

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a brand raking up prices on ridiculously unimportant things, because of the whole “It’s in the name” bit. But, what’s rather shocking is when a label like Chanel too joins the ‘silly in the name of luxe’ bandwagon. Quite recently, it introduced a boomerang for a whopping $1460 as part of its Spring Summer pre-collection that’s rightly being condemned as stupid!

Listed on Chanel’s website under the other Accessories section, its take on Australia’s indigenous art object (read boomerang) has earned enough flake for the heavy price tag. As per Gabrielle Sullivan, chief executive of the Indigenous Arts Code, “This is simply a misappropriation of aboriginal culture. Chanel is a big company and they should know better. I don’t see how this is different from a cheap fake boomerang sold at the airport. It’s just an expensive version of this.” Quite obviously, artists from the boomerang manufacturing clan in Australia and those selling it at airports couldn’t agree more!

Per another native artist, Bibi Barba- “They (boomerangs) are a cultural symbol for Australians. A lot of indigenous artists do artwork on them and this artwork is different in different parts of the country, it holds different meaning.” An immense amount of ridicule later, the ultimate demand is for Chanel to donate the money they make with this to the campaign against fake culture. (Not sure if that exists!). However, all the luxury shamming and activist rallying apart, we still ain’t spending $1500 on a boomerang!


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