Chanel introduces a string of chic new Emojis for iPhone users

While instant messengers and e-communications have far replaced the need and the desire for actual verbal conversations, it is about time to notch that up a bit further. If typing out lengthy words too has started to feel like a task, we are about to introduce you to a string of quirky new stickers that can help you express your very best with just a click! Here to add some sparkle to your boring e-blabber is Chanel, that has recently introduced a new series of emojis for iPhone users.

The label’s tech advent of sorts is in line with the celebration of its new Rouge Coco gloss release earlier in the year. Inside the sticker collection, one can find a pink birthday cake, a Chanel airplane, and a series of other Chanel makeup products. The quirk-list also includes a thumbs up sign that dons a classic red nail-enamel, an adorable Chanel gift box and perfect speech balloons that read words like CUTE, OMG and PLEASE.

If like us, you too find the Chanel emojis irresistibly appealing, you could download the whole list here. After all, what better way to posh up those e-convo’s than using these chic little stickers amidst the boring ramble of words. The emoticons are currently available for download and use only on the iPhone. Looks like Android users have some waiting to do before they can finally lay their hands (well, fingers in this case) on these exciting emojis!


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