Chanel plans to augment prices by 20% for classic handbags

The ‘R’ word is certainly taking a toll on the layman and the high-end design houses aren’t spared from its wrath either. Hence we could anticipate sudden, major changes in the prices of luxury goods. The Parisian fashion house, Chanel is planning to haul up the prices of its classic handbags by 20%, which will come into effect from Nov 1st. One example from the fashion blog nitro:licious, is that of a Classic Caviar Jumbo Flap Bag which currently retails for $2,850 and in a couple of week’s time will jump up to $3,420. That lovely bag at the store you planned to buy, may just be a 1.5 k pricier 2 weeks later, for which you may be subjected to pre-ransacking bustle.

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