Chanel unveils fragrance boutique at Selfridges store

Fragrance junkies, who must sample every new perfume on the block, had better make their way to Selfridges store to satisfy their needs for scent. Why? Well, because one of our favorite luxury brands, Chanel, has just unveiled a brand new fragrance space at the iconic store’s Oxford Street flagship. The unique in-store boutique is manned by a specialist team of fragrance experts, on hand to help find your ideal scent. A must stop spot for Chanel lovers; this boutique is sure to mesmerize you with its various scents. Just seat yourselves at the olfactory bar, and explore the entire range of Chanel perfumery. Rake a whiff of the brand’s latest perfume- Beige, the latest Les Exclusifs de Chanel fragrance, or just go through the other 48 perfume concentrates. Besides tantalizing your nose buds with awesome fragrances, this boutique will also have special events and guest speakers.

Probably the best place to find that perfect scent, the Chanel Boutique promises to attract quite a few fragrance lovers and collectors.

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