Check out Bottega Veneta’s newest fragrance range: Parco Palladiano

Ever thought that you could experience the plush countryside and the crisp air of Italy through a sniff? Enter Parco Palladiano, Bottega’s new perfume range, which captures Italy’s varied hues in a collection of six unique fragrances. With the Veneto region of Italy playing muse, the fragrance range is envisioned to capture the Palladian gardens’ true essence and heritage with its mesmerizing scents.

The collection symbolizes the beautiful progression of a day, with each scent is designated to capture the morning’s opulent aroma, culminating slowly into a perfect evening. Ranging from I to VI, the collection includes the delicate smell of magnolia with a hint of morning dew, a fresh hit of cypress leaves, and that of azaleas and mint in the summer air. It then progresses to capture the enthralling scents of herbs in the mid-noon sun and eventually graduates to cover the seductive woody aroma of roses and cinnamon blending with the perfect evening breeze. Creative director Tomas Maier has roped in three recognized perfumers, Michel Almairac, Alexis Dadier, and Daniela Andrier, to work on the range. The collection appropriately honors the Veneto, where the brand was conceptualized and founded in 1966.
These fragrances are available in 100ml bottles, each priced at $296. To perfect the look, the exterior of each bottle displays the infamous intrecciato pattern. But if you would rather prefer something convenient and less weighty, you can opt for the easy-to-carry variables of the bottled version to be introduced in the latter part of the year along with cushioned woven leather pouches. For the hypnotic sensory journey the collection sets you on, it certainly is worth a buy!

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