China’s fashion world to get a lot hotter with a Swift label

Taylor Swift has been on the rise to fame since 2006 and has never looked back! Latest reports suggest that she’s planning on expanding her already vast empire to start her own fashion line. But before that gets all you Swifties happy as fleas in a doghouse, you should know that the line is set to debut only in China. The reports seem to state that Swift has tied up with Inc., a huge e-retailer based in the world’s most populated country. The Chinese e-retailing store has a U.S Mall section that features only ‘authentic’ American apparel for the local shoppers, and it is through this very section that the ‘Blank Space’ singer’s brand of clothing will be sold. The announcement of the line came on the same day that her collaboration with Keds was released, so maybe the singer-actress liked working on the collection so much that she decided it was time for the world to get a taste of her fashion sense. With this new venture, Taylor Swift will join the ranks of Beyoncé, Madonna, Rihanna, Adam Levine and more, who all have labels of their own.

Though no further supplementary information has been provided, it is said that the line will be launched in November, which is also the time that the singer herself, will be in Shanghai for the 1989 Chinese leg of the tour. Fans can expect the line to include a lot of her own styles and hopefully some of that Taylor red lipstick.

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[Via – Yahoo News]

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