Christian Louboutin men’s boutique debuts at Selfridges, London

Selfridges, London has been a landmark for most affluent brands like Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, and even Christian Louboutin. The iconic departmental store has added innovations in its sales strategy, assuring customers the most comfortable shopping ever. How then, would any brand not want to associate itself with Selfridges? After having enjoyed the privilege of opening a boutique at Harrods, Christian Louboutin moves on to set store at Selfridges. The boutique that caters to men, opened doors on June 14 and has been designed by William Russell of Pentagram Design, giving it a masculine look and feel, in line with the brand’s aesthetics. Spanning over 51 square meters of space, the Christian Louboutin men’s boutique at Selfridges, boasts of opening up at the largest retail space dedicated to men’s footwear in the world.

It’s set on the first floor of the store and offers a wide range of shoes, along with bags and small leather accessories. This boutique happens to be the second all-men’s boutique in the UK. Like any Christian Louboutin store, this boutique also flaunts the brand’s signature red and deep grey tones. Apart from that, embellishments, textures, and materials harmoniously add to create a luxurious environment. Wood veneer walls, velvet-upholstered seating, marble detailing spiked with metal detailing within display cases, and luminescent display shelves all add to give the store an opulent avatar.




[Via – Christian-Louboutin]