Christian Louboutin’s tattoo service for shoes available at LA, New York, London and Paris only

For all you Louboutin fans, it’s time to revel! Your favorite French designer Christian Louboutin reveals more about its “Tattoos to Measure” customizedembroidery service for shoes. Thanks to Louboutin you could now match your shoes to the tattoo you sport or just get yourself a custom-designed shoe. The style, fabrication, and color are totally your pick! All you need to do is select a desired embroidery technique from three engaging options, all of which are forwarded to the Louboutin Studio in Paris where the tattoo gets designed to custom-fit the shoe; soon after it’s sent to Italy and India for making. The entire process takes about three months. A service exclusively made available in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London, the “Tattoos to Measure” pricing differs on the basis of its customization.

The innovative house of Louboutin also plans to club the “Tattoos to Measure” service with a new men’s style by the name of ‘Nigel’. The same would be made available for women in four styles: Rollergirl Flats, Louis Sneakers, Belle Ankle Boots, and Highness Pumps.

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