Christian Louboutin Retrospective showcased at design museum, London

Christian Louboutin’s retrospective design museum in London is a paradise for someone with an intense shoe fetish. The display set to be on until July 9th, 2012, hosts a collection of footwear that runs over the past 20 years, with over 200 of Louboutin’s designs. The exhibition provides an insight into the creative process that actually went into all his shoes. Therefore, the French designer put up a tableau of designer’s Paris atelier at the center of the exhibition, featuring a table covered with paints, sketches, shoes, and Louboutin’s trapeze hanging corner a room. The shoes on display were stilettos, lace-up boots, studded sneakers, and classic pumps.

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christian-louboutin-retrospective-2Shoes set upon mirrored pedestals.

christian-louboutin-retrospective-4Notion of cabaret and showgirls through the display of shoes on the red runway

christian-louboutin-retrospective-5Iconic red soles of shoes that reflect Christian Louboutin’s style

christian-louboutin-retrospective-10Shoes rotating around the carousel on red velvet swings.

The shoes were also suggestive of the sources of inspiration behind their creation- cabaret and the showgirl, fantasy and fairy tale, art and architecture, film, landscape, and travel. The entire exhibition was brimming with exuberance when elements such as a cabaret setting and performers were brought together in a classic display. The exhibition’s purpose was to take shoe connoisseurs through the stages of shoe creation, from sketches to construction, prototyping, and factory production.

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[Designboom via WWD]

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